Creating the perfect kids room

The environment you create in your children’s bedroom or play area is important, but it need not be more difficult than decorating other areas of your house. Decoration choices can help to create a certain mood, or provide inspiration or a means of education. A rug in your child’s room can add colour and personality, and must be suited to the play-area environment you wish to create.

This can be a tricky purchase, as you need to decide on a theme, or a colour to match an existing theme, and also whether the rug you purchase will be synthetic, or made with natural materials. With such a multitude of brands, designs and themes available, you are more than likely to find something suitable.

There are over three dozen major brands in the rug industry, but the most prominent of these are Drooz Studios, Habas and Olive Kids. These particular names offer great designs for rooms meant for children, including well-known storybook characters, ‘space-themed’ rugs and even some treasure maps. Also on offer are designs which include dinosaurs, cowboys, castles – the list goes on.

BlissLiving have nearly a thousand designs for children’s rugs available, as well as those provided by the brands named above. These designs come in a range of colours and shapes – though it is worth noting that the cost of these is normally proportionate, so larger rugs will understandably set you back a bit more. ‘Super size’ rugs are also sometimes offered, though they might require special order status due to the general lack of demand for them.

When considering the material of the rug, it’s worth noting that natural fibres – which include cotton and wool – will not wear as well as synthetic materials, but they are generally more plush and comfortable, whilst also being more environmentally friendly.