Creating the perfect, and safe, child’s play area

In most cases, a child’s play area or park is usually found on the lawns or in the garden. Most of the time when building a home from scratch the owner will be thinking carefully about where to place gardens, walls, driveways, and compounds.

A home owner may want to think about installing a swimming pool, gym, or even a jogging track but this recreation area may not include a safe place for children to play without the proper supervision. Before a child’s park area can be considered safe there are a few things that you need to do.

First off of, a proper child’s park area needs to be 20 to 44 feet square. It should be placed in an area that is not close to quiet areas of the home such as study rooms or bedrooms. The location of the play area should be figured out before you start building the home.

Some of the equipment that you might want to plan for the home play area is slides, monkey bars, swings, tunnels, or a sand pit. You want to make sure that the construction of the play area is going to fit clearly into the garden.

The best way to start your project is to mark off the garden before anything gets started and all vegetation or grass in the way is moved. You might want to consider building a short wall also to keep the courses away from each other. Placing the sand in a retainer is a good idea and putting a swing near the corner will help prevent a child from getting hit from the swing.