Count to ten instead of shouting

It is hard to say what the perfect parenting style is, because a lot of what makes a parent effective boils down to the actual personalities of the child and their parents, as well as personal circumstances which are all variables that will change from family to family.

Although it is impossible to always be a perfect parent with the perfect children, there are a few small things that you can change about your parenting style that can make it easier to be a great parent. For example, most parents would appreciate not having to yell as much so that they can relax and actually enjoy time with their children.

Children tend to be geniuses when it comes to getting a reaction out of their parents, so sometimes it can be very hard as a parent to refrain from yelling, especially if there are other stresses in your life that your child is adding to. However, there are two approaches that many parents find effective to help make it easier to control their tempers.

The first technique is simply to imagine that you are in public and strangers are watching your interchange. Most parents will recognise that even if a child is out of line in public they need to refrain from making a scene, however, at home without this fear the rules often change. By imagining that you are always out in public when you are talking to your child it will be easier to keep your cool so that you do not say something you will later regret.

The second technique is simply to look away from your child and count to ten before you even address what your child is doing or saying. During this ten second countdown you have time to think about what the triggers are that are making you angry.

For example, if you are simply feeling hurried then maybe preparing for school earlier in the morning might help so that you do not yell at them for taking too much time. On the other hand, if your child has done or said something to upset you then you can think about the best way to address the issue without screaming as you countdown.