Could SpongeBob really be Hazardous To Children?

Dr Dimitri Christakis is from the Seattle Children’s Hospital, and is a child’s development specialist. He has recently conducted a study, which although small has produced data which suggests that media exposure has become an issue of public health. He has recently commented, that parents should be aware that there are programs on television which might not be appropriate for small children, such as fast paced shows.

His study has shown that even with relatively simple programs there can be problems caused for the short-term attention spans of young children. He conducted a test in which children watched one fast paced programme and one programme of a slower pace, straight after watching these programs, they were tested and those who had watched the faster paced programme scored worse.

Dr Dian Griesel has commented, “it is no new discovery that television can harm a child health, and this is true even for programs designed for children. There have been a great deal of studies that have shown watching too much TV is linked to obesity. This is not so surprising because some televisions shows for children, such as Sponge Bob Square Pants seem to actively promote junk foods.

“This recent study has further shown that watching television can cause problems for children, what is unique about this study is that it shows children’s attention spans can be affected even after watching just a short amount of television. Parents should be aware of this and limit how much television children watch accordingly.”

According to Dr. Dimetri Christakis, a child-development specialist at Seattle Children’s Hospital, even though the study was small, the data is robust enough to support the idea that media exposure is a public health issue. He said that parents need to realize that fast-paced programs may not be appropriate for young children.

“The evidence is clear,” says Dian  “TV viewing can be hazardous to both adults and children.  It’s time to turn off the TV and get a life.”