Coping with Two offers practical advice on the arrival of a second child

There are many books that exist in order to provide information for women who are pregnant for the first time, however, there is not a great deal of information currently for women who already have a child and need advice on how to deal with a second pregnancy as well.

In order to sort this problem out, the publication of Coping with Two is going to be a great relief. It is going to deal with issues such as telling your existing child that you are pregnant as well as coping with times such as bedtime, meal times and bath time.

Many parents feel that it is a daunting task to go from one child to having two. The idea that having to deal with a new baby at the same times having to cope with the toddler can be a daunting thought. The book also offers advice on how to cope with the older child if they are not particularly keen on the idea of a second arrival. The book takes you through all of the weeks of the pregnancy right up into the end and offers a great deal of reassurance and advice.

The book includes:

•    breastfeeding and toddler jealousy

•    leaving the house on time without tears

•    easy bed and bath time routines – that work!

•    what to do when your eldest hits you and hates the baby

•    how to prioritize when both children are crying

•    teaching your children to get on with each other

•    loving your children equally without favourites

Simone Cave and Caroline Fertleman are the authors of five bestselling parenting books including Your Baby Week by Week and Baby to Toddler Month by Month, both have received a host of fantastic reviews and have been widely celebrated as extremely helpful and practical books for parents. Simone, a health and parenting journalist, and Caroline, a consultant paediatrician at the Whittington Hospital, London, are both mothers of three. Caroline deals on a daily basis with many of the issues covered in this book. One of her many specialities is sibling rivalry, and she also advises parents on coping with behavioural problems of an eldest child when a new baby arrives.