Consistency is the key with bedtime routines

Once toddlers gain some independence a big concern for parents is helping them sleep on their own. Some parents will decide to have their toddlers sleep with them for a time, and that is okay. While it is a joy to watch children grow up there are some safety and health concerns that parents have about sleep routines

The objective is simply to ensure children and parents get a restful night’s sleep. In time, all toddlers are able to sleep independently but some planning and thought is sometimes necessary to ensure this happens. Raising children is a big task, and some planning will help.

From the beginning, ensure your child knows you are serious about bedtime routines. Consistency and commitment to your plan is all important. For example, if your toddler refuses to stay in their bedroom, return them as many times as is needed; this may require perseverance, but it will bring results eventually.

A regular routine at bedtime is essential, and should be thirty minutes or less. This can include reading stories, singing songs or just quietly talking. Some variation is good, but gently say goodnight when time is up.

Some parents use a reward system with good results. The important thing to remember is that you cannot make your child sleep, so don’t try. What you can do is enforce a bedtime routine, which will encourage sleep.

One more option is to wait until your child falls asleep. This will nearly always work, but it may create problems for you both later on. If your toddler becomes used to you being in the room before falling asleep, independent sleeping later may be difficult. While this may be an easy option, try to resist it if you can.