Co-parenting is probably not what you think it is

There is a new form of parenting out there, and chances are it is not like any other form of parenting you have heard of yet. Called co-parenting, this is not about separated or divorced families sharing responsibilities. It is not even about family members sharing responsibilities like a grandmother and a mother.

Instead, it is about two people that both want to have children deciding to enter an arrangement in which they share parenting responsibilities without any romantic liaison. In a way, it is a step up from online dating, except here people skip the relationship part and move right into building a non-nuclear family with a like minded partner.

There are actually quite a few websites popping up lately such as Modamily, Coparents, PollenTree, and Co-ParentMatch. Take Rachel Hope for example, a 41 year old freelance writer she wants a healthy man that lives near her to help co-parent a child. She is now working with Parker Williams age 42 to make her new modern dream a reality. Williams is a gay man that owns a charity auction company looking for a child.

Owner of co-parenting website, Family by Design, Darren Spedale explained that although some people who want children choose to simply be single parents, a lot of other people look at the financial pressures and scheduling that goes into parenting alone and decide that’s it may be too much.

Therefore, they decide that it would be easier for them and better for the child if they just find a second person to help share the parenting role. For these people co-parenting is a great alternative to simple sperm donation, surrogacy, or adoption. Since it is not a marriage it would be wise for anyone considering this option to have a legal document in place detailing what the responsibilities will be for each parent.