Clay for children’s indoor play

For parents, when children are off on holiday, it can be difficult to find activities that will keep them entertained, especially during the holidays that are in the colder months. One of the obvious, and easy options, is to buy the children DVDs and computer games which will keep them entertained. However, there is only so far this form of entertainment can go, and it is also regularly recognised that this sort of entertainment is not particularly good for their development.

There are some alternatives that can be good for indoor activities, and something that is becoming more popular is providing clay for children to play with. This is something that will utilise their creativity, as they get to create something that is only limited by their imagination. The texture of clay is also something that will appeal to children, as they are able to mould, shape, and squeeze it into all sorts of different creations.

It is also a great skill that they can build up, and you will find that children quickly become accustomed to using the clay, and will be able to make more and more complex items. Modelling clay is a great way for them to build confidence in the creation of different items, and using their imagination. It is also particularly great for children as once the clay is dry, they will be able to keep it forever, and this can be a great source of pride for them.

Once clay is dry, it is also possible to paint it in many different colours, which will allow your children to utilise their imagination even more. Once you have finished creating various items, you can even expand the activity further by encouraging your children to take pictures of what they have created.