Christmas Toy Ideas

With so many different toys out there to choose from, those letters to Santa can be quite useful in giving you an idea what the kids might be hoping for. If however, you’re stuck for Christmas ideas because you haven’t been told to tell Santa what’s at the top of your child’s wish list this year, then here is some festive inspiration based on the 2009 dream toys list (from the Toy retailer association).

Ben 10 Alien Force Kevins DX Action Cruiser, Bandai (RRP £29.99 Toys R Us)

Ben 10 has been popular for a while, but this particular toy is ‘the’ thing to have if you’re going to have something Ben 10. The Action cruiser is just like Kevin’s cool muscle car in the show, and it’s loaded with features such as alien orbs that shoot out from the front, and an exclusive Kevin figure.

Ben 10 Alien Force Kevins Deals

Bendaroos Mega Pack, Spin Master (RRP £19.99 Toys R Us)

Suitable from 5yrs upwards, this wonderfully creative toy is great. 400 coloured bendaroos sticks, two double sided templates, a cut and join tool, and an instruction booklet and you’re set for a great time. Bendaroos are flexible building sticks that can be twisted and bent to make all sorts of creatures and shapes. Simply unbend them again for reuse meaning that your child can use their imagination and play with these over and over again.

Bendaroos Mega Pack Deals

GO GO Pets Hamsters, Character Options (RRP £9.99

Go go pets are excellent. They are small, fury, realistic looking hamsters that have been given artificial intelligence so that they squeak and move around their habitat. Each hamster has it’s own unique personality and sounds. When you team one of the hamsters up with a Go Go Hamster accessory they will instinctively know if it’s a hamster ball, or skateboard etc. What’s even better is that these pets don’t need cleaning out or feeding (except with the occasional new battery), so if your kids have been going on about wanting a pet this could be the ideal solution!

Go Go Pet Hamster deals