Choosing The Perfect Pushchair – 4 Questions To Ask Yourself

Choosing a pushchair is a difficult job for new parents. Unlike many products you will purchase in your life a pushchair needs careful consideration on what is not only going to be best for you but also you baby. With so many products on the market making a decision can be daunting. The following therefore are 4 questions to ask yourself which should help make a better informed decision that you and your baby will be happy with.

How Many Children?

Of course this should be one of the first considerations and you need to think age differences between children. The good thing is that there are many pushchairs on the market which can accommodate multiple children of different ages. Examples include tandem pushchairs which have one seat in front of the other and allows for both newborn babies and toddlers. There is also the classic double buggy with seats situates side by side which can also accommodate both babies and toddlers.

How Will You Use It?

One of the first things you need to think about is what you need to the pushchair for. Of course you need it to transport your baby but you need to think about what circumstances you will use it. If you use your car frequently then you might want to consider buying a travel system with detachable car seat. If on the other hand you use public transport often then a better option would be a light weight stroller that is easily foldable. Similarly if you have more than one child and you shop frequently you may want to invest in a tandem pushchair as they take up less room compared to the standard double buggy.

What Are Your Baby’s Needs?

This is an important consideration. Young babies are not able to support their heads and so need to lie flat, so a pram may be the best option. Alternatively there are many pushchairs and strollers on the market that have adjustable seats with lie-back functionality. Examples are Chicco pushchairs and these types of pushchair are a great option as they are much more versatile meaning they last much longer so you get a lot more for your money.

How Safe Is The Pushchair?

Ultimately this is the paramount consideration of them all. All pushchairs sold in the UK must comply with British standards by law and some travel systems may include a car seat that complies with European standards. However if you are buying a pushchair from a lesser known brand/store then it’s a good idea to check for these. Before buying you should also familiarise yourself with the pushchair making sure you check all moving parts to ensure they are stable and in working order and in particular checking that there are no areas where small fingers can get trapped.

Of course these questions only touch the surface and so when it comes to buying a new pushchair nothing beats doing a bit of research and getting recommendations from others. However with this simple guide you should be in a better position to narrow down the multitude of products available and find the ideal one for you and your baby!

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