Choosing the best bike for your child

Children bikes are a hugely popular market for stores as this is the age when most of us will learn how to ride a bike. As their very first vehicle, it is crucial that this bike be everything that they need, so that they can not only learn how to operate it, but also do it in a safe manner. Then, once they know how to use their bike, they need to keep using it in a more comfortable way, and this vehicle has to respond to those needs as well.

The first very important accessory for kids bikes is the helmet. Every child should wear a helmet at all times when on a bike, so that they reduce the risk of serious injuries. If they fall off of the ride, which happens all the time when you are young, they have a much higher risk to get some type of injury than an adult would, even though you may think your child is well versed in how to use their bike. A helmet is crucial and should not be avoided at any cost, along with the need to tell children the reasons why they must keep it on.

After the helmet, more accessories can often be useful, such as knee and elbow pads. These are the places on a kids body where they have the highest chance to get an injury or some type of bruise if they fall down or get into an accident. But more than simple bruises, good high quality pads will help reduce the chance for bigger injuries too, such as a broken bone, by absorbing part of the shock.

Finally, a saddle extension may be useful. You may wonder why a kid would need a saddle extension, and in most cases they would not, but this type of accessory allows him or her to use this bike for a longer amount of time. Children grow fast, and soon enough the bike that they have will not fit them any longer. By using a saddle extension you ensure that as your kid outgrows the vehicle that they use, it can be adapted so that it will keep serving them.