Choccy Munchy Seeds – a new healthy snacking product

We’ve just been sent some information about an interesting new healthy snacking product called Choccy Munchy Seeds.

Choccy Munchy Seeds are a new, nutritious and delicious chocolate treat, ideal for livening up your snack time!

They are a totally heavenly and nutritious chocolatey mix of sunflower and pumpkin seeds with pieces of dried apricot, enrobed in luxurious quality Belgian milk and dark chocolate.

Seeds are excellent sources of Vitamin E, Iron and minerals, which help to strengthen the body’s defences and produce energy, so this tasty snack not only gives you that all important quality chocolate fix but is also packed full of nutrient boosting goodness!

Resist the temptation to over indulge on unhealthy and calorie busting snacks with these nutritious new seeds and treat yourself to a well-timed snack that can even out spikes in hunger and provide a much needed energy boost between meals – Chocolate to Burn and Seeds to Feed!

Ideal for shape and health conscious women, these snacks offer a scrumptious “guilt-free” chocolate seed snack, for those who don’t want to compromise on taste and love natural nibbling. Kids will love them too!

The Choccy Munchy Seeds are packed full of protein and fibre, helping to nourish your body throughout the day, replenish energy and aid a healthy heart too.

Choccy Seeds are available in 50g snack bags (rrp £1.50) or boxes of 12 or 200g tubs online at  Large 500g tubs are available in Lakeland stores nationwide.

Theyare free from Gluten, Cholestrol and artificial colours and flavourings, and are suitable for Vegetarians and Coeliacs.

You can follow them on  twitter and  on Facebook “munchy seeds”, plus they can be found at lots of shows across the country throughout the year.