Children want more adventure in their lives

Research that has recently been conducted for the plaster company Elastoplast has said that the vast majority of children, around 85%, are seeking more adventure in their young lives. The children involved in the survey were aged between six and 12 years old and the parents of these children were also surveyed. Parents also agreed with their children that they would like to see them have more adventure in their life.

The study also highlighted the lack of adventure that was happening with children, despite the fact that parents and children wanted to see more adventurous activities happen. Less than 50% of the children surveyed had ever been camping and the vast majority of them had never actually watched the sun rise. The poll involved around 1000 children and 1500 parents.

The survey also highlighted some other interesting figures. One of these was that half the children surveyed said they have never done any adventure sports and it seems parents took part in more outdoor activities than their children did. Parents also said that they feel they take more care over their children than their parents took care of them.

Financial difficulties were another reason why some families felt they weren’t being adventurous enough. Four in every ten parents said that financial hardship meant they were unable to take part in more adventurous activities.

The lack of adventure activities has led many people to question whether they are actually necessary but there are many benefits of this type of activity that parents should be aware of. Taking part in adventures is something that will ensure children have a really positive memory of childhood and it can be very beneficial for their development.

Also, in a time when childhood obesity is at a level that it has never been at before, taking part in adventure activities can provide some much-needed exercise. Walking around the local area or exploring on a bike are great adventures but also have positive fitness ramifications for your children.

Dr Mandy Bryon is a child psychologist from Great Ormond Street Hospital and she has recently commented, “When children take part in adventures it encourages them to be independent and develop their ability to think for themselves. It builds a stronger sense of self-confidence within the child this will be very beneficial for them later in life.”

Parents are known to be very protective of their children but it is important that they are not too much so as in the future children need to be knowledgeable about how to deal with situations themselves. It would be a good idea for parents to build their confidence in taking the children on adventures and letting them take small risks.

This sort of environment will allow your children to become better at assessing danger and this will give them a better future ability to deal with challenging situations. If you are looking for ways to get your child involved in adventure activities you need not look very far as there is plenty of information available online about different adventure activities.