Children do not get enough sleep

A recent study that has been conducted in the United States and published in the journal of Preventative Medicine has said that around two thirds of teenagers in the country are getting less then the recommended eight hours of sleep on a school night. There are many reasons why teenagers stay up late and this can because of school, work, or just because they are socialising or using the internet.

What is interesting about the study as it has found that there is a correlation between those teens who get less sleep and those who engage in risky behaviour, such as smoking, under age drinking and using drugs. It also indicated that those who do not sleep enough may feel more sad.

Lela R. McKnight-Eily who was the lead researcher has said that, “The study clearly indicated that children who do not get enough sleep are more likely to behave in a more dangerous way. It has even been shown that those with a lack of sleep will fight more and are more likely to consider suicide.”

The survey was conducted by asking teenagers a series of questions, some of these asked them how much they slept and the other was asking them what sort of risky behaviours they took part in. They were also asked to indicate how much they took part in these dangerous activities, for example, by highlighting how many cigarettes they smoked.

It was found that those teenagers who slept less than eight hours would have a greater propensity to take part in the activities and if they did, they would do them to a greater extent than their well slept counterparts.