Children and daydreaming

Unfortunately, learning in the classroom is not always the most productive environment for a child and many children will often daydream. A common solution the teacher uses to bring a child back to paying attention is to punish them by asking a question that they know they don’t know the answer to because they have not been listening. This embarrasses the child and can put them in a negative emotional state.

Most teachers say that daydreaming is a very negative process when children are trying to learn, however by punishing children who daydream we are also preventing the use of their imagination and this can be something that sticks, even when they are outside of the classroom.

Children who daydream might have a better ability to focus on the big picture and this is something that can be very valuable when looking at long-term success. Many of the great leaders of the past 100 years have been visionaries and this is something that can come from bringing a daydream into reality.

An example would be President Kennedy, who did not know how a man would be sent to the moon but his vision motivated a nation to make it possible. Similar things can be said about the dreams of Winston Churchill and Martin Luther King.

Many people hold the belief that if you capture a child’s imagination knowledge will be something that they want to acquire anyway. If you fascinate a child by what you are teaching, then worrying about the daydreaming is going to be a thing of the past. Inspiring children encourages them to accomplish, and they will do this by acquiring the knowledge and skills that they need to achieve their goals.

This goes far beyond children, and a man or woman who dreams is a person who can attain anything. If you are someone with a big dream then nothing else is going to matter to you and you are going to pursue this dream until you succeed. Therefore, when teaching children, it makes sense to start by appealing to their imaginations.

If you give a child an idea of the big picture then they are going to go down the path which will allow them to achieve this dream and succeed in their education and ultimately their future lives.

For those parents who are looking to get their children to read more, it is important to inspire them. Choosing books that your child will get lost in is essential as it promotes a healthy and pleasurable relationship between child and book and will make them value reading in the future. This will also develop a child’s ability to read fluently and this is one of the most valuable skills they can take into their future life, and allow them to achieve their dreams and succeed in their education.