Childhood Eczema Relief – 5 Steps to follow

E45, together with the National Eczema Society, have developed the 5 steps of ACE (Against Childhood Eczema), to help parents manage dry skin and eczema prone skin. The steps can be used in conjunction with E45 Itch Relief Cream, a dual action formula which helps to break the itch – scratch cycle. Depending on how severe the itching is, E45 Itch Relief can be used as part of an emollient regime or in place of it for when itching is at its worse.

5 steps of ACE

Daily bathing, especially for young children and babies, can cause their skin to dry out. Bathing 2-3 times per week, and ‘toping’ and ‘tailing’ them on other days will keep skin clean but lessen the chances of drying it out. When bathing, be sure to add E45 Emollient Bath Oil to the water (warm, not hot) and let the child’s skin absorb this for around 10 – 20 minutes.


Emollients are simple, non-cosmetic moisturisers that soothe and help relieve itchy skin. Used regularly, and applied gently in the direction of hair growth, emollients are the key to managing eczema.


Emollient application can be distressing for a sore and itchy child, so a massage is a good way to help a child relax during application. Massage into the skin gently towards the hands or feet. Doing this can calm and comfort a particularly distressed child.


Skincare specialist Dr. Steve Hewitt recommends using an emollient, like E45 Cream, liberally 2 or 3 times a day, even when the condition appears under control. If dry skin is widespread, it is not unusual to use 500g of emollient in a week. Ensure hands are always washed before application and to avoid contamination, do not put hands in the emollient pot – use a spoon or spatula instead, or better still, use a pump dispenser.


Comforting a child can make emollient application easier. Creating a calm environment before and after emollient can help to soothe a distraught child.

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