Child Proofing Tips for the New Parent

When raising your baby, there are chances that you are ultra excited about getting cute little toys and cuddly soft toys for your little one. You love the shopping that you get to do and sometimes may go berserk buying kid blankets, clothes, caps, socks and mittens. And amidst all this some first time parents forget that they have a huge responsibility that they have taken upon themselves when they planned and decided to start a family.

Creating a Safe Haven for Your Little One

Being a responsible parent means ensuring that your baby is safe from all the dangers that he can get into. Providing a safe haven for your child should be priority number one and therefore before you blow up all your savings on toys and clothes think of the kind of money that needs to be spent on childproofing the house. However, there is no need to get perturbed about the whole thing. Just refer to the smart tips that have been provided below so that you can kick start the process.

Basic Tips for Child Proofing

–          The first thing that you need to keep in mind is that a baby does not see the world in the same way that you do. There is a lot of difference. For one the baby sees the world from the height of about 2 feet to 3 feet and there are various things seem insignificant to you that the baby may pick up. Among them are small objects that are lying on the floor that can make their way into the mouth and cause choking. The other thing to remember is that while a fork may not seem attractive to us, it is a shiny new object for anyone who is seeing it for the first time and your child is seeing it for the first time and will get attracted to it.

–          Another aspect that you need to keep in mind while preparing your childproofing plan is that a child does not know what can harm him. While electrical sockets covers may seem like an obvious aspect of childproofing, low hanging cords, table cloths that can be pulled and drawers that can be closed on fingers should not be ignored either.

–          Similarly, the baby does not have an appreciation of what he can accomplish or cannot. Babies often try and maneuver staircases and fall tumbling down. It is important that they attempt these new stunts in your presence so that you can also judge whether they are ready or not.

–          Dangerous areas like the fireplace, the kitchen stove and a swimming pool (if you have one) should be cordoned off and kept out of bounds for your baby till he is old enough to understand the consequences.

Take a tour of the childproofing section in a home store and you shall many ideas about how you can go about childproofing your home. There are doorknob covers, electric switch sliding covers, staircase gates, fireplaces screens and more that can be bought and used for childproofing. These may not seem as interesting as buying bunny rabbit dresses but they are more important to ensure the safety of your child.