Check out the great new free game 56 Sage Street

If you’re looking for an interesting point and click game which offers the opportunity to explore a new world, while enjoying some excellent graphics and even educating yourself a little about real life then perhaps 56 Sage Street is right up your ‘street’

The basic premise of this free game is ‘How does someone with nothing end up with everything?’ The answer is by navigating your way through this fairly addictive and also free game in which players find their way across a huge city, while looking for somewhere to stay, and little work, making useful contacts and overcoming challenges to make your way to the very top by proving yourself to Mr C, so that he will hand over his entire empire for you to run.

The game offers some great strategic edges, and begins with a very helpful video introduction to align you with the game concept. The basic idea is that upon arriving in the virtual city a teenager has his rucksack with all his worldly goods stolen, but fortunately for him the master of the giant 56 Sage Street Empire, the mysterious Mr C, offers him the challenge of proving his worth, and if he measures up to the challenge he will run 56 Sage Street.

The game offers a fixed 3-D look into the city, and there is a map that allows you to navigate through each area as you work your way through the tasks, but also taking time out for a little relaxation, play or even shopping.

Of course life is not that simple, and you will have to balance the amount of energy you have in reserve, as well as keeping your reputation, not to mention the money that you acquire. This game is a matter of finding the correct balance between all of these activities as you undertake your different missions that will earn you rewards.  You can play it anywhere totally free of charge – check it out here or see below for a great trailer video.

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