Carpet cleaning and the risks for your child

A special carpet care

The carpets of our homes are very often one of the favorite places of children which love crawling and playing on them. For this reason, it is essential to keep the carpet completely as free from dust or mold as possible but it is also extremely important to evaluate the safety of the cleaning method.

Most carpet cleaning requires the use of cleaning products so it is fundamental to choose the right product to both clean your carpet and protect your children’s health at the same time.

A careful cleaning is not always sufficient to achieve a fully safe cleaning. When applying a chemical cleaner, for example, many usually ventilate carefully the room to reduce air pollution or vacuum the carpet to remove residues of the cleaner. However, these tricks are not enough as the most efficient solution to clean your carpet while preserving your children’s health is to avoid using toxic cleaners at all.

Risks to avoid

Some typical chemical ingredients contained in carpet cleaners are commonly pointed out as being dangerous for our health. Of course it is good to avoid using cleaners containing Perchloroethylene, methanol and a range of other similar toxic compounds, butit is not sufficient to do a black list of such ingredients and avoid them to achieve a safe carpet cleaning.

This is especially true in case children are likely to come into contact with the carpet. There are many cleaners that don’t contain these ingredients and still are harmful to the skin and eyes and can cause intoxication if ingested or inhaled.

So, as all cleaners partly linger on the carpet after having been applied, potentially any cleaner can cause serious diseases to a child playing and on a carpet. For example, if you apply the toxic cleaner on the carpet, the child might touch the carpet and this way the cleaner could be brought to the child’s mouth. Moreover, almost all toxic cleaners are to keep out of the reach of children, so it is strongly recommendable to avoid these products to clean carpets on which children might lay.

Trying to remove cleaners such as dry solvents or other toxic cleaner from the carpet won’t solve the problem. Carpets retain these substances which stick to the carpet’s fibers or sink deeper into the carpet in a way that also a careful vacuuming won’t be enough to get rid of the substance. Replacing industrial cleaning products with home-made safer cleaners is a more efficient solution to the problem.