Cards For Any Occasion: Choosing The Right One

Greetings cards as we know them date back as far as the 14th Century, when German artisans used hand carved printing blocks to stamp designs onto paper, back then the expensive process meant that cards were the preserve of the wealthy, but these days the sending and receiving of greetings cards is a universal experience and one that brings joy and comfort into many lives.

Why do We Send Greetings Cards?

Greetings cards are a great way of showing someone you care about them and about what is going on in their life. Sending a card to mark a special occasion or to let someone know that you are thinking of them is a simple way to connect and choosing a design that means something to the sender and recipient helps to reinforce the connection between to people, strengthening friendships and relationships.

When do We Send Greetings Cards?

The greeting card industry is massive, with designs now available for all occasions. There are options on offer to mark a wide range of occasions and events including:

Christmas Cards
Birthday Cards
Bar Mitzvah/Confirmation Cards
New Home Cards
New Baby Cards
Engagement/Wedding Cards
Thank You Cards
Get Well Soon Cards
Retirement Cards
Sympathy Cards

In the modern world there are even designs available for the most obscure occasions from divorces to successful completion of plastic surgery – while the provision of online services allowing consumers to create and customise their own cards means that the possibilities for greeting card use are almost endless.

Why Choose a Personalised Card?

Most people spend time selecting the card that they wish to send to a friend or loved one, because they want the image and message included in the design to reflect their relationship with the other person and to show the other person that they were thinking specifically of them when they were making their choice. It is not uncommon for senders to pore over racks of greetings cards for ages in an attempt to ensure that they make just the just selection for the person they are sending to and the event that they wish to mark.

However, choosing to personalise a greeting card, by hand making it or by using an online program to add text and images can cut out all the um-ing and ah-ing over available designs allowing the sender to tailor the card perfectly to a person or event.

Personalised greetings cards are especially good choice to send to a child, who will be delighted to see a picture of themselves featured in the design or to see their own name printed alongside images of their favourite interests or characters. Choosing to personalise a card for a child can help a selection to really stand out from all the others they receive. If you are thinking of personalising a card for a child why not consider using a favourite snapshot of the child themselves and use a design programme to cut out their face/body and insert it into a scene they will find engaging, alternatively use an image of a favourite character and place a speech bubble in their mouth wishing the child a “Happy Birthday”, “Merry Christmas” or whatever message you wish to convey.