Can you name every English King and Queen? you can now!

There are few of us who can name all the English Kings and Queens, and even less who can name them in chronological order.  This is something that all kids should be able to do, as well as knowing something about them and what they did, by the time they leave school. This is no longer the case however and there has been an urgent call for more tools to enable this to be made easier in history lessons.

So how do we remember them? Funny incidents and pictures definitely help. Here at last is the perfect aide memoire, whether you are a school child or a lover of pub quizzes.

‘The Little Book of Monarchs’ is probably the most concise English history book ever published. It swiftly sorts out all those Edwards, Henrys and Georges, all the major battles, rebellions and bizarre deaths across ten turbulent centuries.

The author Tony Boullemier has vividly summed up all 42 rulers of England since 1066 and condensed each reign into five key bullet points. Every ruler is illustrated by a clever cartoon that will stick in the memory.

For younger readers, aged 10 +, The Little Book of Monarchs will provide a chronological narrative order, giving a firm foundation for future history studies. For students and older readers, it will be an indispensable reference book a short and snappy aide memoire to our bloody and glorious past. For everyone, it is our history with a smile on its face!

Suzannah Lipscomb, TV historian and author says:  “Take Tony Boullemier’s pithy, precise and lively text, add Adrian Teal’s delightful and amusing cartoons, and what do you get? A wonderfully accurate and fascinating little guide to English monarchs since 1066. It takes monumental discipline and expansive knowledge to fit each monarch into 90 words – but Tony Boullemier pulls it off with aplomb.”

According to David Baldwin, Medieval expert and author of Richard III, The Lost Prince and Elizabeth Woodville:  “Original, educational and entertaining. All the history you thought you knew and some you didn’t.”