Cake Making Dad going Gluten Free for his daughter in touching story

Top baker Tim Slatter has told the story which brought into being his determination to supply birthday cakes for children’s parties that were Gluten free. His family business, The Brilliant Bakers will be supplying wheat free options on their entire range of great new party cakes from October.

As the son of one of the greatest cake makers in the world, Tom was ready to jump straight into family business and had bags of enthusiasm and fresh idea to expand the sales of their celebration cakes across the UK. At just 13 months old however, his baby daughter Daisy was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, and he realised that the sweet history of his family has taken a cruel twist.

When Daisy’s second birthday came around, she was the first child in the Slatter family for generations who was denied one of the spectacular birthday cakes, as even a tiny bit would have sent her blood sugar levels raging out if control.

For such a tiny child, Type 1 Diabetes is a cruel and unforgiving disease, and little Daisy’s blood sugars were frighteningly erratic, despite the relentless daily regime of doing up to 20 blood glucose tests a day and administering 5 insulin injections. It strikes children randomly and for apparent reason but thankfully for Daisy, technology was at hand and when just 2 years old she became the first child in Ayrshire to get an insulin pump.

These ingenious lit allowed Daisy to eat any sweet treats, within reason, as long as the carbohydrate content had been calculated correctly. The pump would then administer the exact dose of insulin that Daisy needed via thin tubing and directly deliver it beneath her skin.
We were back on course and Daisy would be able to celebrate her third birthday with a special party and birthday cake.

Sadly, Daisy soon became unwell again with a pale complexion, bloated tummy, and bouts of irritable behaviour and was soon diagnosed with coeliac disease. Coeliac disease was another random blow to our family and we suddenly found ourselves scrupulously monitoring everything Daisy ate to ensure nothing contained wheat or gluten.

At 3 years old children are only just beginning to experiment and expand their food repertoire, a task difficult enough, without having to examine every food label for the slightest molecule of wheat gluten. Our family kitchen had to be re-organised into separate food cupboards for Daisy and even a new dedicated toaster was purchased to avoid cross contamination. As a family we had always taken pride in being non-fussy with food and now we found ourselves unavoidably having to check not only what was in anything Daisy ate but also how it had been cooked. Each time we arrived at a children’s party there would be a sea of sandwiches, sausage rolls and of course a birthday cake, all being out of bounds for Daisy.

My way of coping was to begin a crusade, thinking it was within my powers to provide coeliac kids throughout the country with exciting Gluten Free personalised birthday cakes. No more tears, something for all the children at the party to enjoy with no exclusions.
Well the pinnacle of our effort at The Brilliant Bakers is approaching its day of reckoning just in time for Daisy’s 5th birthday in October. She will proudly choose her very own birthday cake from any of the range on the website knowing that they are all safe to eat. Happy Birthday my sweet Daisy, Love Daddy x”