Telephone gifts for grandparents – The Burnside Easy Answer phone

Each Christmas, many families face a tough question: “Where can we find a thoughtful and useful gift for our grandparents, who insist that they don’t need or want anything?”

This year though, there is an easy answer. Burnside ( has launched the Burnside Easy Answer™ phone, a mobile phone that looks and works like a home telephone and doesn’t need a landline connection. What’s special about this phone is that it can automatically answer calls from family and friends with hands-free operation, without Granny or Grandad having to come to or touch the phone. It even hangs up automatically when the call is finished.

The Burnside Easy Answer™ phone is available for delivery before Christmas as part of a special promotion, with prices starting at £169 including VAT and UK network pay as you go SIM. Delivery charges on top.