Bumper Book of Tojo and Nelly’s Cat Tales Makes Ideal Christmas Present

The ever popular children’s eBook series Tojo and Nelly’s Cat Tales has been catapulted into a print edition, just in time to make children’s stockings this Christmas. The bumper print edition of the seven books is available on Amazon along with a special festive story: A Fairly Talented Christmas .

Created by Maria Merrett and penned by Tamara Forge, the bumper books make the perfect Christmas present for little ones aged approximately four to eight years old. The books are inspired by the pet cats of the series’ creator, giving them a truly lifelike feel and allowing children to fully immerse themselves in the world of curious kitties Tojo and Nelly.

Merrett, who also published the eight children’s books , says, “After releasing the eBook versions of Tojo and Nelly last year, we really wanted the stories to be more accessible and so decided to launch in print. There is nothing like reading a good bedtime story to your child the old fashioned way, so I’m sure the bumper print edition is going to be even more successful.”

Each paperback book is beautifully illustrated by Nanuli Burduli, with charming images of Tojo, Nelly and all their feline and canine friends who feature in their adventures. The books were also edited by professionals Joy Watford and Emmily Rhodes before it was translated into print, to ensure the print version of the series was absolutely faultless. Each of the first seven books is available in paperback for £6.26, with the special Christmas tale on offer for £6.10.

The bumper edition of the series, featuring all seven paperback books, is being sold at £23.84 which offers savings of almost 50% compared to buying the books separately. Toddlers and children can delve into the feline world with Tojo Meets Nelly, A Purrfect Reunion, Wookie the Wonderer, The Princess and the Pirate, Be Brave, Benson, Klaus and the Cat-astrophe and Old Madam Mischief all crammed into the bargain bumper edition.

Highlights of the series are plentiful, with the first book describing Tojo’s first introduction to Nelly, the new cat. The story is charming and playful, but also helps small children grasp important issues like change, rivalry, and eventually enduring friendship. In the third book of the series, the two cats team up to help their pal, Wookie the dog, through an identity crisis, whilst the last book in the current series sees the feline duo help an elderly cat to have a day of wicked fun and frolics.

Maria added, “The books are a great gift whether it’s for your son or daughter, grandchild, nephew, niece or friend’s child.  The Christmas story is a great stocking filler or if you want your child to read more regularly then the bumper pack is the best option.”

To find out more, visit http://tojoandnellyscattales.com or purchase on Amazon.