Bullying is a never ending problem

How many of us really know how it feels to be bullied, we all hope and pray that it isn’t something we will ever experience, and as we grow older we hope and pray that our children will never suffer at the hands of a bully. Whilst every parent will do their utmost to protect their kids from bullying, it one of those things that happens away from prying eyes, as bullies are basically cowards to have to pick on people when there is no-one else around.

Bullying is vicious and deliberate and nobody becomes a bully by accident. It is a horrendous thing to deal with whether you are an adult or a child. A prime age for bully’s is 11-12, and as they grow older the severity of their bullying increases and all care givers and parents need to  get the message across that bullying is not a normal part of growing up and must be stamped out.

The word bullying is the general term that is applied to any kind of, or pattern of, behaviour where one person takes out their anger and aggression on another. They tend to choose someone vulnerable as their victim and start a relentless regime of criticism, nit picking, exclusion and isolation as well as abusing them mentally, physically, emotionally and psychologically.

If a child plucks up the courage to confide in us that they are being bullied we must take it extremely seriously. Surviving the trauma of being bullied is terribly distressing and needs to be dealt with immediately so the victim suffers no more. The victim is never to blame for being bullied and the whole terrible experience can leave a child fearful for their lives and desperate for help.

In the majority of incidents of bullying, many of you will be surprised to discover that there aren’t just two people involved, as well as the bully and the victim there is also the bystander. These may take no physical part in the bullying but they do nothing to stop it either, and tend to encourage the bully by laughing and egging them on and simply by letting it carry on in front of them are often as bad as the bully’s themselves.

Despite all the reports to the contrary, bullying happens in every single school in the land, fact. They want us to believe otherwise and get all high and mighty about their zero tolerance, but bully’s are nasty and sneaky individuals who aren’t going to stop being bully’s just because their schools say they can’t. The better schools will deal with the incidents quickly whilst others will make like an ostrich and pretend it doesn’t happen.

There is a reason why so many schools blatantly lie about it and say there is no bullying in their school, it is avoid adverse publicity and not bring attention to the fact that the headteacher has no control as far as discipline is concerned, lacks interpersonal skills and in fact shouldn’t be in the position of power that they are.

If you ever have an inking that someone is being bullied, whether it is your child or not, do not make yourself into a bystander by walking away and telling yourself it’s got nothing to do with you. If that WAS your child, you would hope to god that someone would help them, so do the same for someone else’s child, before its too late.