Broadmead road show aims to answer embarrassing teen questions

Teens will get the chance to get anonymous answers to their embarrassing questions when a new type of road show stops by Broadmead featuring nurses and doctors that are trained to offer sexual health screening and answer questions from the teens. The event is sponsored by the Sexual Health Action: Real People (SHARP) group with the intent of offering teens advice on sexual orientation, body image, peer pressure, abusive relationships, or contraception.

Youth Sharp team member Ellie Thomas, 17, stated that they are aware that sometimes teens are too embarrassed to talk about real health issues that surround sexual health and relationships but the group aims to help bridge the embarrassment. He added that their intent is to make the event fun and interactive because teen health should not always be focused on negatives.

Health promotion specialist Lizze Henden from the 4YP in Bristol stated that oftentimes teens are too embarrassed to talk to their practice nurse or personal GP about their health and the event is a great chance for them to get the answers they need. Young teens that are members of Sharp will also be on hand for those who would feel more comfortable talking to other teens about their problems.