Breast fed kids are better behaved

There may be another item that is added to the breastfeeding benefits list for maternity service providers. For the health of both the baby and mother, mothers are encouraged to breastfeed their babies. However Oxford University has just published a new study that has uncovered that children who are breast fed are less prone to have behavioural problems.

The study consisted of 10,000 mothers and babies and the team discovered that 6% of that had been breast fed showed apparent signs of behavioural problems at age five. However over 16% of those that were not breast fed had issues like clinginess, lying, anxiousness, stealing or restlessness.

The research which was published in the Archives of Disease in Childhood concluded that at least a minimum of four months of breastfeeding will help to reduce the chance of behavioral problems. The exact reason of why this happens is still unknown. They are not sure if it is the contents of the breast milk, the close interaction between child and mum or a knock-on effect of being healthy as a baby.