Boost your child’s immune system ready for winter

With winter knocking on our doors, it’s that time of year again when your child’s immune system may be dwindling. How can you prepare your child for the cold winter weather? With only a few small tweaks to their daily diet, you can get your little one ready for winter.

Your child’s immune system protects the body against external influences. Their immune system is still evolving, making him or her more susceptible to ailments during winter. Therefore, it’s important that parents ensure their child’s immune system stays in tip-top condition.

Strengthening the immune system
You can strengthen your child’s immune system in a natural way. In addition to a good night’s sleep and spending time outside, a healthy diet plays an important role. Vitamin C supports the immune system and strengthens it. By changing little things in your child’s daily eating habits, you can make sure your child gets enough vitamin C this Winter.

Full to the brim with vitamins
Peppers are full of vitamins, in fact, they contain the most vitamin C compared to other popular vegetables and fruit. For example, peppers contain more than twice the amount of vitamin C as oranges. Besides this, thanks to their sweet flavour and striking colours, peppers are an accessible vegetable for children.

Pepper tips
Peppers are delicious in every way. Cut the pepper into small strips and give it to your child as a healthy snack. Peppers are also very suitable on fresh sandwiches, either in lunchboxes or at home. For dinner, peppers can be used in multiple ways in different recipes. Have a look on for easy to prepare and delicious pepper recipes.