Black market grows for stolen designer baby buggies

In the middle of the double dip recession, one question that a lot of parents are wondering is how the designer buggy market continues to grow. The second question they are asking of course is why they bought in and also purchased a designer buggy for their child. The third question should be whether they have a bike lock to secure their buggy lock with.

This is due to the fact the theft rate of designer baby buggies has actually increased by about 25% believe it or not as educated thieves are keeping an eye for the hot ticket items.

One of the most affected buggies is the Bugaboos which are the Chelsea tractor for the luxury set. These buggies can easily be sold for over a £1000 if they are brand new and still have a pretty high resell value even if they are used. The high cost of these buggies is adding plenty of fuel to the surprising black baby market with one out of twenty parents admitting that if the price was right they would purchase a stolen buggy.

Other popular baby buggy brands on the black market include Graco, Maclaren, Chicco, and Silver Cross. It would seem that parents may have something to do with the increased crime rate as one out of every eight parents in a survey stated that they purchased their buggy second hand and from those a third purchased the buggies from online auctions where they could have come from anywhere.

Britain’s police force data reveals that about a quarter of all stolen buggies are taken from outbuildings or porches, a fifth from cafés, and the rest are taken from car parks, restaurants, and pubs. Reports show that about 340,000 British parents have lost at least one buggy to theft.