Bike Safety for Kids

Olympic BMX star Shanaze Reade explains how you can make road safety cool

According to official government statistics, children are more at risk from road accidents from 3pm onwards in autumn and winter. Whether they are out playing or walking back from school – many children will be out on the streets during late afternoon and early evening in the weeks and months ahead, but the dull winter weather means children could be at greater risk from road accidents than any other time of year – especially if they are not wearing high visibility gear.

Fortunately there are things you, as a parent, can do. From ensuring batteries in bike lights are always fresh to making sure your kids are wearing the correct safety gear like helmets and reflective clothing – these small things can mean the difference between life and death.

It’s hard being a parent and making sure your child has all the right kit for school, but clothing and accessories that can be seen by all road users is not something that should be scrimped on. Parents and their children should know they can accessorise with small items like clip-on reflectors, arm bands and stickers, and wearing bright or light coloured clothes will give them even better visibility.

Now Ready brek is supporting the Department for Transport’s ‘Be Bright Be Seen’ campaign in an effort to reduce child casualties on our roads, and ensure that wearing fluorescent & reflective gear is as much a part of a child’s daily routine as a healthy breakfast – making sure they’re ready for anything the day might bring.

Along for the ride is someone who knows a thing or two about bikes and safety – Olympic BMX star Shanaze Reade. In the following clip she highlights the importance of both.

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