BigBangApps launches Wurzu to help children improve literacy skills

Technology such as smartphones and tablets are now equally as familiar to adults and young children alike, and there has been a quick progression from them being simply a tool for communication to becoming an integrated device for a range of actives. Learning and childhood development is just one use that has been discovered and now parents, for the benefit of their young ones, download many educational apps. With so many of these knowledge based apps around, the challenge comes in finding one that is captivating and engaging enough to be fully effective. Wurzu has just launched, helping children to learn literacy in a new and exciting way, set to become a ‘must-have’ app that is favoured by all of the family.

Developed by BigBangApps, Wurzu helps children improve skills such as verbal reasoning, literacy and comprehension. Using the world renowned Schonell Spelling Programme to form the basis of its functionality, it offers an original opportunity for group game play, making the learning process exciting, interactive and fun. While other similar apps focus only on one user, Wurzu facilities full family interaction. By focussing on creating a playful and interactive environment, this new literacy app allows the learning process to be a collaborative effort between parents and children alike, forming better relationships while refining literacy skills.

Karl Phillips, Co-Founder at BigBangApps said, “It is so important to give your children the best start in life by refining vital subjects such as literacy while they are young, and with personal tech such now common in every household, it makes perfect sense to use this as a platform for learning as well as entertainment. With Wurzu, we’ve worked hard to create a vibrant, exciting and engaging atmosphere that feels more like a multiplayer game than an educational tool – your child is sure to want to play the app every time they have access to a smartphone or tablet, boosting their literacy in a fun and engaging way.”

To play the ’60 second word party’, users must describe as many words as possible to the other players in under a minute. To make things more challenging no rhyming, spelling or use of any part of the chosen word is permitted. Wurzu has over 4,500 teacher-approved words ready to be discovered, meaning that no two games will ever be the same when playing this innovative app.