Ben’s back and ready to defeat his ultimate enemy Aggregor

Available on DVD from 22nd AUGUST 2011

Ben Tennyson is back, and this time faces the most exciting alien encounters that have ever challenged him or his friends. ‘Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, Volume 2: Hero is released on August 22, so fans don’t have too long to wait.

The DVD contains 5 new action packed episodes and picks up where volume 1: Escape from Aggregor leaves off. Ben is now a megastar superhero and his international fame has spread across the globe, but he need to find the balance between his fame and saving the world as his biggest enemy is back, and has regained his power so is at full strength again.

With Aggregor’s plans for the 5 alien fugitives no longer a secret, the series shows Ben and his friends battling to save them from recapture. Life threatening challenges face the gang along the way, and in order to save the galaxy they have to push themselves to the absolute limit both mentally and physically.

What happens after Kevin gets tricked into releasing a radioactive menace from its containment suit? Will Ben be able to regain the control of his body after the Ultramatrix is entered by an alien fugitive? The answers to these questions and many more will be answered on August 22 2011 when ‘Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, Volume 2: Hero Time is released.

Episode Information:

1) Too Hot to Handle: A radioactive alien menace tricks Kevin into freeing him from his containment suit, and this proves to be more dangerous than anyone expected.

2) Andrea’s Fault: Alien con artist Argit returns, having tricked ‘The Forever Knights’ into working for him. Whilst Ben and his friends investigate, they discover another of Aggregor’s fugitives is involved.

3) Fused: The fifth alien fugitive shows up and gets trapped inside the Ultimatrix, leaving Ben fighting for control of his body. Aggregor finally makes an appearance.

4) Hero Time: Ben finds himself dating a famous young movie star after saving her life, but his childhood hero Captain Nemesis doesn’t like Ben stealing the spotlight and so challenges him to a ‘hero contest’. What could go wrong?

5) Ultimate Aggregor: Aggregor finds a powerful energy force that could make him unstoppable, so Ben and his friends, along with some familiar faces, team up to put an end to Aggregor’s scheme.