Ben 10 Toys

Anyone involved in the sale of children’s toys will be well aware that Ben 10 toys are the hottest brand name in the toy market at the moment. It is well worth noting that last year’s toy of the year was the  Ben 10, 15cm and  10cm   Action Figures, not only that, Ben 10 were also recognised as the winners of the “Boys’ Range Of The Year” making them a unbeatable range of Children Toys.

For those who are not familiar with Ben 10, it is a superhero series were a huge following of young fans spread across the globe who not only tune in religiously to the latest adventures, but are also hooked on the fantastic range of toys available. In the cartoon series the Omnitrix, which is similar to a watch, provides the superpowers to Ben.

The superpowers allow him to morph into more than 10 specialist aliens, who also make up the action figures that they crave. There is even now a spin-off sequel following his adventures known as Ben 10: Alien Force, in this new series his Omnitrix has been vastly improved enabling Ben to more into new alien versions, not surprisingly there has also been a new range of alien action figures as well as the all-new Ultimate Omnitrix device.

Although Ben 10 has a wide range of followers, its main audience is made up of boys from 12 down to 4 years of age. The toys have been manufactured to high specifications and have been extremely well designed to not only give hours of fun and entertainment but also to inspire young boys to become creative in their play.

They have a great amount of detail, and stick very closely to the realism of the original cartoons, they are manufactured by the number three toy producer in the world Bandai, and offer very multi action variable size that are highly durable in order to stand up to the rigours of the play antics of young boys.

But for many adults in these difficult economic times many toys are simply out of financial reach no matter how demanding children can be, this is not really a problem if your child has a fixation with Ben 10, with action figures available from a little as five pounds, as well as the new Alien Force creature vehicles weighing in for just £15, and the latest version of the ‘Omnitrix’ devices ranging between £15 and £20 they are within the reach of almost any cash strapped parent.

Even the normally outrageously expensive video games are available from as little as £15 and books retail for approximately 3 pounds, a complete bedroom set, which even has several extras can be purchased for as little as £60.

The only thing left to do now is decide which of your child’s Ben 10 cravings you will have to give in to in order to satisfy their cartoon led alien fantasies.