Beko research the nation’s youngsters think Mums are cooler and more fun than Dads

It’s official – mums are cooler AND ‘more fun’ than dads – according to the nation’s children.

Research by home appliance brand Beko took an in-depth look at how kids in the UK aged between six and sixteen perceive their mums and dads – and how parents THINK they are perceived. And the research revealed mums officially pip dads to the post in the fun stakes – with over half of British children insisting mum is a better laugh.

A further 33 percent of children also described mum as the ‘coolest’ parent with just 21 percent of those polled opting for their dad. But ironically, when parents were asked to rate their own fun factor, 71 percent of confident dads thought that THEY would be seen as the ‘fun’ parent compared to a more modest 48 percent of mums.

When asked why mums were considered more fun, children said mothers spend more time with them (48 percent), while just over four in ten (43 percent) said it was because she is always laughing.

A further 37 percent of kids say that their mums told more jokes than their fathers did while 31 percent say mothers are the less strict parent.

And when it came to ‘coolness’ mums won because they let them watch their favourite TV shows (46 percent), made their favourite food (45 percent), and played cool music (41 percent).

Mums also let the children stay up later than dads did (37 percent) and 45 percent of children say that mum is more fun than dad because she hangs out with them more than dad does.

Asked to describe their mum, children said that she was the care giver (57 percent), the home maker (49 percent), the cleaner (46 percent) and the one you confide in (46 percent)

Dad was described as the breadwinner by 51 percent of children, the mischievous one (26 percent) and the most tired (23 percent).

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Beko spokesperson and father of two, Jeff Brazier says: “I do like to think of myself as a pretty cool dad, but know that my kids definitely don’t! So the best advice I can offer parents is not to look to your children for validity – because you’re not going to get it. As far as my kids are concerned, one minute I’m ‘alright’ because I’m taking them to the football, and the next I’m totally uncool because I’ve taken iPads off them.

“Like all parents, I’m constantly juggling everyday life, and it’s planning that helps make my life easier. Time is so precious and I make sure that as a family we don’t waste it. I’m always looking for solutions that will help me to save time, whether that’s doing my grocery shopping online instead of traipsing around the supermarket, or ensuring that I have the latest fridge freezer that keeps my shopping fresh for weeks. Any solution that makes my family life easier is a win in our home.”

A huge 92 percent of children said they always go to mum if they’re feeling unwell, with 51 percent say mum always makes them feel better.

52 percent of children say mum helps with homework more than dad, with just 17 percent of kids saying he was the one they went to with school work.

However, 65 percent of dads would describe themselves as the ‘cool parent’ compared to just 61 percent of mums.

Even though kids think Mum is the more fun one, dads try harder to ‘appear cool’ by attempting to let their children stay up later than they think their partner would and by letting them watch their favourite TV shows. However, despite dads best intentions, its mum who wins the children’s vote.

However, the majority of parents (63 percent) agree it is a struggle to get the balance between being fun and also being disciplined with the children.

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The research of 1,000 parents and 1,000 children was conducted online for Beko ( by Ginger Research in May 2016*