Bedford Stopping Bullies In Their Tracks

Students Send Video Message To Support Anti-Bullying Week

“YOU’RE not alone…”

That’s the message from students at Bedford High School in Leigh to anyone who has ever been bullied.

And at the start of national Anti-Bullying Week, caring students are sending their message out to a global audience with a stunning video shot with North Star Digital.

I Am Holly is a three-minute film that follows the title character as she struggles to cope with being bullied. Shot from her perspective and told through Holly’s words, the piece subtly explores the experience of the victim — their thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Holly talks about the loneliness, fear and helplessness she feels. She speaks about how she feels she has no-one to talk to and how it is affecting other areas of her life. The film also focuses on the different forms that bullying can take from physical intimidation through to cyber-bullying, texting and social media.

The ultimate message is an uplifting one as Holly’s friends and the entire school community rally around her to help her beat the bullies.

Working with professionals from North Star Digital, students came up with the concept for the film and learned more about movie-making.

Bedford Assistant Headteacher and Head of Pastoral Care, Bridget Moss, explains: “Students in our Year 7/8 Drama Club made the video to promote Anti-Bullying Week and to make young people think about what they do and say online.”

“The theme of Anti-Bullying Week is ‘make a noise about bullying’ so we wanted to involve as many students as possible, so Year 8 spelled out the words ‘You’re Not Alone’ as the central message.”

“Bridget added: “This film is for any young person who can relate to the situations or characters in it, so while it’s made with and for Bedford students, there is a message for everyone.”

•       Anti-Bullying Week runs from Monday November 16 to Friday November 20. For more information visit: