Baths every day are unnecessary for newborns

Even though many people believe that babies and newborns should be bathed every day, the actual truth is that they do not need regular baths. Of course, once they start crawling and eating foods that end up on all over their faces they will need bathing every day, but new parents should take advantage of the times when they are still young enough to not need one more time consuming task.

Until a child reaches full toddler years, the focus should be instead on keeping a certain number of parts clean only. Primarily, a new parent’s focus should be on keeping where the nappy goes and the surrounding areas clean as a messy nappy will spread outwards.

Other areas that should be watched closely and kept clean include any skin folds and the area around the mouth. During their newborn stage you are not likely to find any skin folds, but within a few weeks there will likely be folds around the thighs and double chins are common.

By regularly making sure that you keep these areas clean by spot checking and using a damp cloth with lukewarm water your baby will not really need to be bathed every day. In fact, so long as these areas are kept clean with a cloth then you should only have to bathe your baby two to three times a week until they get old enough to actually crawl and move around the floor.