Barnardo’s tells “Ellie’s story”

Barnardo’s the highly respected children’s charity has revealed the situation facing many young people and vulnerable children with its latest television commercial campaign produced by BBH London. The intent is to show the distress and turmoil faced by so many abuse victims. The advert also shows how with the right kind of support Barnardo’s is able to assist children in dealing with their experiences.

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The charity is running the advertising campaign with the tagline proclaiming that Barnardo’s ‘supports the unsupported’ The TV commercials clearly shows parallels, with some children thriving with the support they have received from family and friends. And on the flipside of the coin it looks at children who feel they have no one to turn to and no one supporting them. The clear push is for people to stand behind Barnardo’s and help those in deep need of support.

“Ellie’s story” is the title of this ‘60 second movie’ which was the brainchild of Michael Pearce the BAFTA nominated director. In this little movie we enter the life of a young boy who is being prompted and encourage at a school concert by his attentive teacher. Against this background we also see a tearful teenage girl opening up to a Barnardo’s project worker about being sexually exploited.

The director says that is real challenge was to find a way to help people to connect with the characters as well as take them through an emotional journey in just one minute. He stated ”I thought the film needed to be cinematically compelling but also be very intimate and feel real. We cast all over the country for the role of Ellie and I’m especially proud of Morgan Campbell’s performance, it was her first acting job and it was one of the most powerful scenes I’ve directed.”

Unfortunately, according to Barnardo’s, “Ellie’s story” is all too common, and is very much based on the circumstances of many of the children that Barnardo’s helps each and every day.