Bananagrams games for pre-schoolers to teens

These games are perfect for visiting friends and family, taking day trips, or holidays during the summer since they come with a perfectly portable pouch.

Kids between the ages of 3 to teens are guaranteed against boredom when they play games from Bananagrams range. You will find something for you little ones, and big ones at Bananagrams, for the upcoming long school holidays. The games can be for outdoor play, with siblings and friends, or they can be for entertainment on long trips in the car, train or plane.

All games come packed in their own perfectly portable pouch, making them ideal for day trips, holidays and visiting friends and family this summer:

BANANAGRAMS (RRP £14.99 ages 7-107) – the fast and fun anagram game that drives players bananas! Requiring no pencil, paper or board, Bananagrams comes in a small portable banana-shaped pouch and is perfect fun for all the family, at home or on the go. Created by a word game-obsessed family of three generations, Bananagrams is a labour of love that that has quickly become an international phenomenon.

APPLETTERS (RRP: £15.99 ages 5+) – clear the table, unzip the apple and prepare for a great family evening – Appletters is the addictive game for early readers, where players work together to build a “word worm” by adding words to the head or tail. The first player to use all of his or her tiles wins. If you’re hungry for more fun, you can take a bite out of the three extra challenge games. Parents and teachers agree: Appletters helps to develop spelling skills, enhance strategic thinking, encourage cooperation, promote turn-taking and improve concentration.

PAIRSinPEARS (RRP: £15.99 ages 3+) – wordplay fun for all ages and stages, PAIRSinPEARS pairs fun with learning! Packed with eight fun and educational activities, plus two competitive word games, PAIRSinPEARS grows with your family, from pre-reader to adulthood. With developmental activities like Pattern Grouping and Letter Hunt for parents to play with their pre-readers, and wordplay activities like Rhyming and Fill in the Blank for early readers, kids learn while having fun. And it gets even juicier with two fast, fun games that have players racing to build word grids in friendly competition. This is the game that truly has something for everyone!

ZIP-IT (RRP £14.99 ages 7+) – the high-speed word race you can play anyplace! Six-sided letter cubes make for infinite word grid combinations. Super-fast rounds and compact game play mean you can fit in a game almost anywhere – even on an airplane or train tray table, so it’s the perfect gift for the jet-setter in your life. ZIP-IT comes in a self-scoring pouch to keep track of winning rounds: be the first to zip to 10, then race all over again!

FRUITOMINOES (RRP £14.99 ages 5+) – takes the classic game played by generations of families and puts our fresh, fruity twist on it. Deliciously colourful images of fruit serve as the “dots” on beautifully crafted dominoes. Fruitominoes come packed in a compact, fabric pouch that can go anywhere with you. Connect the “dots” and connect your family with Fruitominoes!

JUMBO BANANAGRAMS and JUMBO ZIP-IT (RRP £54.99 each, ages 7+) – Jumbo BANANAGRAMS®, with 144 waterproof, three-inch square tiles packaged in a funky giant yellow banana-shaped tote bag, is perfect for exercising minds + bodies! Jumbo ZIP-IT is an exhilarating high-speed crossword race featuring 24 beautiful wooden lettered two-inch square cubes and coloured scoring zips that come built into the pouch. Both games are perfect for innovative play in the garden or playground, or equally fun indoors in the classroom or on the living room floor!

All products in the Bananagrams Family of Games are available to on the High Street at independent toy and book stores as well as John Lewis, WH Smith, Waterstones, a range of supermarkets and For more information, visit