Baby Moos announce range to include funky toddler clothing

One of the busiest and most prolific Mumpreneurs, Anna-Lee Kewley, founder of funky baby range Baby Moo’s; just can’t rest at scooping awards and making baby clothes. As her own children have started to grow up, so Anna has decided to increase the range to accommodate their, and other toddlers’ needs.

As winter is starting to set in, Anna’s inventive snow suits are enough to be sure little ones are snug as bugs in rugs over the colder season. Endorsed by such celebrities such as Kirstie Allsopp and the late Peaches Geldof, Anna’s groovy gift range is accessible to suit any pocket. Some accessories start at just £3.20, and nothing on the whole site exceeds £25 in cost. “I started my business with just a couple of hundred pounds, and I know what it’s like to be a parent on a low income. I pride myself on offering affordable and really cool clothes, now for ages 0-5”, said Anna.

Anna-Lee launched the first incarnation of her website in 2010; stocking imported funky baby wear from overseas. Then in 2012, Anna, who seems to never sit still, included her own creations. Sales skyrocketed following her fun and funky designs being added. With humorous bibs displaying messages such as “These fools put my cape on backwards”, Anna loves to give babies personality with their clothing. “I was bored of seeing all of the bland pinks and blues”, said Anna of her motivation to begin Baby Moo’s.

Now her children are growing up, Anna wants to continue to give children up to the age of five the opportunity to express themselves through her brand. A renowned lover of live music, Anna has included punky designs derived from music culture. With a Sex Pistols inspired t-shirt and a Hendrix-esque top; parents can dress their children like their heroes, whilst making a statement about the child’s personality.

Anna has had to forego her love of live music to focus on the business and her family. “I love what I do, and I feel excited to expand my ideas about what’d be cool for kids to wear. My kids’ friends were getting jealous of the cool clothes I’d started making for them; so I decided to expand my range.”

The new range covers everything boys and girls could want : from superhero outfits to skull skirts and even a collection of awesome handmade monster toys. Of course, never one to say never, Anna is keeping quiet about whether or not she’ll continue to make clothes as her own kids get older and eventually become teens. Many of the designs are so cool, they leave parents wishing there was an adult-sized collection too.

To find out more about Anna or to view her exceptionally cool baby and toddler range, please see the website at