Baby On Board, Tips for Bringing the Kids On a Yacht Charter

Most rewards in life are earned off the back of hard work. Examples include seeing your kids off to their first day of school, graduating from sailing lessons; or saving for the perfect family holiday. Perhaps the most rewarding part of booking a bareboat charter is bringing your family along for an unforgettable journey.

Picture it. You’ve just announced the family holiday plans over tea, the news has been met with glass shattering shrills of excitement from your daughters.

But as rewarding as you and your children will find a yacht charter there will be obstacles. What are these and how can you prepare? Here’s a few important tips for preparing an enjoyable, and also manageable sailing holiday if you plan on bringing the kids. In this article, we’re talking about children ages baby to pre-teen.

Set your sights on the horizon, not a dirty diaper

Depending on how young your child or children are, you’ll always be preoccupied by wandering (or crawling) exploration. There’s many non child friendly components to a boat, but you also don’t want them somehow going overboard. Even without that kind of drama, you might find yourself hard pressed to attend to the needs of a hungry, or tired toddler while manning your vessel. If you plan on bringing young children, invite family and friends along for the journey. The more watchful eyes the better. Taking turns also means peace of mind if you need a moment to enjoy a peaceful sunset all to yourself.

Front row seating

Say the only time you can book your holiday, no one else is free to share your adventure, a baby or toddler won’t mind being strapped in for some of the ride. If it’s all hands on deck, a car seat or high chair can easily be placed nearby – keeping the child safely strapped in – and importantly for all – visual contact can be maintained.

Land lubbers ye be!

You won’t be spending all your time aboard. Plan your voyage with plenty of land stops. Life on deck with kids can become pretty tight, and sometimes tedious. Stops ashore are good breaks for everyone. Sail the Caribbean for instance, and you’ll find an almost endless itinerary of family activities, from simple days on the beach, to parks, fairs, aquariums and amusements designed to keep kids busy. Land exploration isn’t the only off boat activity the whole family can enjoy, snorkel and scuba dive for a world of underwater wonder.

Sailing can be as rewarding as it can be challenging. From steering your way through choppy waters to setting a course that won’t end in a naval rescue mission. The last thing you want to hear while you’re concentrating on reading your navigation equipment is: ‘Are we there yet? Are we there yet?’

Plan ahead and set a course with plenty of breaks and activities for the whole family. If you can invite family and friends along for the journey, having additional watchful eyes will be a real blessing.