Avoiding accidents in the home

Accidental injury is one of the largest causes of death in the UK, and especially where children are concerned where more children die each year as a result of accidents than from illness.

And when you consider that in each year, about one million children under 18 are taken to Accident and emergency after being involved in accidents in the home, and many more are treated at home or taken to their GP, then it is important for evey parent do what they can to avoid needless accidents within the home.

Claims Helpline have put together a useful guide, The Top 25 Ways to Avoid Accidents In The Home, which you can read in full at http://www.claimshelpline.com/top-25-ways-to-avoid-accidents-in-the-home.aspx.

As well as general tips, the guide has tips on safety in the kitchen, bathroom, bedoom and also in keeping your children safe from harmful medicines.