Avoid Blind Cord Deaths – new safety device Cord Lock Away

With 12 toddler deaths in the last two years from entanglement in continuous looped blind cords and beaded chains, they still present a very real danger, despite the availability of several basic safety devices.

The new Cord Lock Away child safety wand, from £5.50, is a step up from the old generation of safety devices.

Cord Lock Away is the first device to raise the height of the accessible blind cord or beaded chain out of children’s reach without affecting operation of the blind.

The wand can be fitted in minutes by anyone as there’s no need to cut the cord or screw into the wall. Absolutely no DIY skills are required.

Once attached, the wand remains in place and the upper region of the continuous cord or beaded chain is used to operate the blind in the usual way.

This is much more parent friendly than commonly used cleats, which require careful winding and unwinding of the cord/beaded chain each time the blind is used. They also require securing to the wall, meaning tools and DIY expertise is needed.

Cord Lock Away also trumps first generation cord tidies, as these devices still leave cord exposed at child height and again, require screwing into the wall.

Ivor Seddon, inventor of Cord Lock Away and proud grandparent of a young child and small baby, said: “I have designed Cord Lock Away so it can be fitted by even the most DIY phobic parent in minutes.  Corded or beaded blinds are a potential hazard for babies and small children in every room of the house and Cord Lock Away represents a simple, unobtrusive and inexpensive solution.”

Cord Lock Away brings all its safety benefits as soon as it has been fitted, but it can optionally be attached to the wall using the included holder.

It is designed for all blinds with continuous looped cords or chains and comes in two sizes, one for windows and the other for longer windows, patio doors and conservatories.

The device will also protect dogs and cats, who may become entangled in a looped cord after jumping up to a window sill.

Cord Lock Away is made and packaged in Britain and has a worldwide patent pending.