An average kids birthday now cost parents more than £350

New research has revealed the true cost of celebrating the birthday of a child. The largest discount website in the UK has revealed that the average cost of a birthday celebration for a child under 10 costs parents over £350.

The research also revealed that parents are ending up paying much more than they have budget for when it comes to celebrating their child’s birthday. The £350 is spent on a variety of things including presents, extensive celebrations and additional activities.

The study was conducted by as part of research into the parenting habits of Britons, with 1,900 parents aged 18 and over from across the UK taking part. All parents taking part in the study had a child aged between 2 and 10 years old.

According to the results, 91% of the parents taking part celebrated their child’s last birthday with a party.

Respondents were asked to estimate how much they spent on each aspect of celebrating their child’s last birthday, and were asked to give rough spend estimates for each element they spent money on when celebrating.

According to the results, below are the average spends by UK parents on each element of celebrating a child’s birthday. All costs are based on average spend responses from the parents taking part.

Presents for child- £156.30

Party Food- £73.20

Cake- £22.33

Party Activities/ Entertainment or Venue Hire- £90.20

Party Gifts- £15.92

According to the results, children’s birthday celebrations therefore cost parents across the UK an average of £357.95.

When asked whether or not they had budgeted enough money to cope comfortably with the cost of their child’s last birthday celebrations, 51% of the parents taking part said ‘no’. Furthermore, a quarter, 23%, had borrowed money, either from family/ friends or through credit, to pay for the cost of the birthday.

Mark Pearson, Chairman of, commented on the findings:

“Birthdays can be pricey, particularly if you’re celebrating with parties and plenty of guests. Whilst it can feel like you have to spend a lot to make it special, this genuinely isn’t the case. Looking out for deals at venues and asking for things like group booking and party discounts can help to soften the financial blow, and looking for discounts before you buy presents can do too. Do some savvy shopping, and find yourself a birthday bargain!”