Alternatives to ADHD medication that could be worth trying

5 Natural Alternatives to ADHD Medication for Kids
There are natural alternatives to ADHD medication that can help kids to get better out there. Knowing what those alternatives are might help your kids to improve. Some of the alternatives are simple and easy to do, so you do not need to worry about not being able to do them. These options can be very helpful especially when your kids are not comfortable with drugs or medication. There are natural options you can consider doing. Here are some of them.
Diet and Allergens
There is a study that suggested that there might be a relationship between the food people consume and ADHD. This means that some food can affect ADHD. For example, some findings suggested that people with ADHD can do better when they consume a protein-rich lunch and breakfast. Also, a protein-rich meal seems to boost alertness as well as reduce the medication to cause restlessness or irritability. Other foods can affect people with ADHD too; for example, food that contains artificial colouring, sweeteners, preservatives, and flavourings. Even Salicylates, a natural compound found in some vegetables and fruits can affect them. This is why it’s better for you to know which food affects kids or people with ADHD and what the effects are. However, medication like Piracetam might be necessary sometimes, so you should have stocks too. You can buy drugs online from Peak Nootropics or any other online sellers.

Another thing you should do is avoiding potential allergens. This is because by avoiding possible allergens, you will see some improvement in behavior of kids with ADHD. Go to the doctor and make sure whether your child has allergies or not. If they do, then it’s better to avoid the things your child is allergic to completely.
Spend Time Outside
If your children are not comfortable with drugs or medication such as peak nootropics piracetam or others, they will surely like this alternative. Many parents agreed that if they let their children play outside for some hours, they tend to come home with fewer ADHD symptoms. Some parents claimed that after being outside for hours, their child could do tasks and sit without wandering off or getting distracted. A behaviour researcher at the University of Illinois decided to study the relationship between children with ADHD and natural environment. She explains that for kids with ADHD, it’s harder to direct their attention to complete a particular task; which is why it tires them out. This is why letting them roam outside freely in natural environment helps. By letting them explore the natural surroundings freely, you are helping them to recover from the fatigue they got from having to direct their attention when they have to complete a task. So, let your kids play outside for several hours, let them explore the environment freely and by the time they come home, they will most likely have fewer ADHD symptoms.

There is another research that suggested that children with ADHD who spend time in natural settings more, has less inattentiveness. Also, the results indicated that children who have access to wooded areas, open fields, or other natural environment have the greatest symptom reduction. Even if you are living in the middle of the city where there’s barely any natural environment, make some time and take your kids somewhere green. You might be surprised with the results.
Get a Massage
Massages are very relaxing for everyone. However, it is much more than that for people or children with ADHD. A study published in 2003 in a journal called Adolescence studied the effects of massage on behaviour and mood. Individuals with ADHD who received a 20-minute massage therapy twice a week over the course of the month experienced improved mood and behaviour. So if your kids enjoy massages, take them to a massage therapy once or twice a week and see how they develop.
Electroencephalographic (EEG) biofeedback
It is a Neurotherapy to measure the brain waves. It is a very effective alternative treatment for ADHD. In this process, a kid is given to play and concentrate on a game. For instance, the kid is playing a game where he has to keep the plane flying, or the screen will go off. This kind of game helps the kid to learn new techniques of concentration. This process helps the children to correct their symptom.
Avoid food colourings and preservatives
Studies have shown that some foods with food colouring influence the ADHD symptom as they increase hyperactive behaviour in some children. It is a good idea to avoid these foods with food colourings and preservatives to help manage these symptoms.
Summing it all up
Get your kid a massage, plan a diet while avoiding allergens, and let your child spend time in natural environments. These three natural alternatives might be able to help your kids improve. Give them a try and see the results for yourself.