All you school children to face the scales in obesity fight

In an effort to make the government more aware of the problem of obesity in childhood many UK schools plan on creating a new system that will measure the weight and height of all primary school children that are aged four to five as they enter the school.  These measurements will be taken again once the children reach ages 10-11 and leave to go onto secondary school.  At the moment the US is already doing this, but the real question is whether it helps or not.

There are many concerns surrounding obese children such as the additional bullying that they often receive and the fact that it is unhealthy for their development.  Another concern is that the added scrutiny to a child’s weight by requiring regular school weigh-ins can help fuel the development of eating disorders in some children.  Additional issues include concerns over whether it is the governments, schools, or parents responsibility to monitor and control the weight of children.

For parents that want to help their child slim down without causing too much emotional damage it is recommended that they start by looking at their child’s actual feelings on the issue.  For instance, if they are being bullied at school a parent nagging them at home will only help isolate the child even more.

Instead of directly confronting a child on their weight, it is recommended that instead parents set a positive example for weight loss by staying away from junk food, exercising on a regular basis, and serving healthy meals at dinner time.  This way if everyone is eating healthy no one member of the family is singled out as chubby.