Age appropriate record label aimed at primary school children launched

Most adult songs tend to focus on such intense emotions and heartbreak and love, which is not great for kids to listen to when they are haven’t got a handle on their own emotions never mind other peoples.

Now Zeamu Music, one of the top British music producers, have launched a new record label aimed specifically at children aged between 4 and 11, thanks to a collective that has been made up of some of the hottest musicians, composers and producers in the music industry.

The aim of this label is to plug the gap between lullabies and nursery rhymes for pre-schoolers and mainstream pop for teenagers and older. Whilst 4-11 age group enjoy listening to the music in the charts the lyrics are written for adults meaning that children miss out on a big chunk of the message the songs are trying to get across.

That’s why Natalie Barowitz (music producer and writer) and other pop writers and producers including the likes of Jonathan Pilcher (Lana Del Ray, Athlete) and Grammy-nominated Owen Parker (Girls Aloud, Pet Shop Boys, Simple Minds), have got together with child psychologist Barbara Bishop and branding experts Fi and Simon Case to create record label Zeamu Music. Their mission is to create pop music exclusively for primary school children.

Zeamu Music has brought out its first CD featuring songs about bullying, nightmares and even the joy of summer holidays. Zeamu’s Barbara Bishop takes up the story:

“We tend to forget that young kid’s emotions are as intense as love and heartbreak that most adult songs focus on. Providing kids with music they can relate to reassures them they’re not alone, that other children experience these problems and gives them a platform to express themselves”.

Teachers and professionals working with primary age children have welcomed the move. Stephanie Watts of Hollymount School in London, who was involved in trialling Zeamu Music, added:

” Zeamu Music is a regular feature in my classroom. Not only do the children really enjoy listening to the songs but they support topics we cover in the national curriculum such as bullying and friendship. What’s more, it’s great to be able to confidently play an album made for kids and sung by them which is not in the least bit patronising.”

Whilst industry professionals have written the music and produced the tracks, Zeamu have used school children to sing all of the songs. Videos have also been created using 13 animated kids called the Zeamus. Each one represents a different music genre.

Another CD is planned for later this year and Zeamu Music is currently researching which topics primary school children would like to have songs written about.