ADHD genetic link

Whilst it has been established that there is probably a genetic link attached to ADHD, but the range of possibility of it to be passed on in families ranges between 20% and 50%. Putting these figures into practice essentially means that a child who do is diagnosed with ADHD has a one in five chance of having a parent or other close relative that suffers from this condition, yet maybe completely unaware of it.

Some parents have realised that they too are sufferers only when their children have been diagnosed. So what does the latest scientific research tell us, and just how hereditary is ADHD? Scientists in Israel have discovered that there are actually two different genes that could well be the cause of ADHS, but much more research is needed into show up the strength of the hereditary and genetic links.

When you look at the vast range of symptoms that indicate ADHD, the genetic link looks more likely than ever. Restlessness, hyperactivity, easily distracted, attention issues, over excitability and inappropriate social behaviour would suggest the genetic link. Taking this into consideration, the question of is ADHD hereditary has to be in the positive.

There is a double edged sword if parents are suffering from ADHD too however, while they will undoubtedly have an empathetic bond, their own lack of skills when it comes to organising the household could be a major problem. The parenting skills and organising of schedules etc are essential items when raising a family, and these could he sadly lacking, or absent altogether.