‘A trip to the dentist’ Tops List of Earliest Childhood Memories

New research from a bespoke photographic memorabilia website  says a dentist visit tops the list of the most common first memory for children in Britain, beating out holiday and birthday party for the top spot.

While many would think that childhood memories would be centred around happy memories and events this new research has found that for the average Brit this may not be true.

The study by MyMemory.com was part of research into Britons favourite memories with 1,671 women and men eighteen and older taking part. MyMemory.com helps consumers through bespoke photography turn their memories into lifelong keepsakes. Therefore they were interested in discovering about the important childhood memories of people across the UK.

Respondents to the study were asked to state what they believed their earliest childhood memories were and were able to choose multiple answers, if they believed they had more than one. According to the results, the top 10 results were as follows:

1) Trip to the Dentist- 35%

2) Birthday Party – 33%

3) Holiday- 28%

4) First day of School- 25%

5) Trip to the Doctor- 24%

6) Day Out- 23%

7) Childhood Accident/ Injury- 17%

8) Tooth Falling Out- 16%

9) Receiving Present- 14%

10) Playing with Friends- 12%

All respondents who chose ‘trip to the dentist’ as one of their earliest childhood memories were asked to explain why they felt that the trip had stuck in their memory. The vast majority, 86%, of respondents explained that they believed ‘fear’ of the trip had made it stick in their minds; whilst just 7% explained that it was because the trip had been ‘enjoyable.’

When asked what age they believe that they were when their earliest memory occurred, the average respondent, when taking all responses into account, believed that they were ‘4.3 years old’.

Rebecca Huggler, co-founder of MyMemory.com, commented on the findings:

“Memories are something that we all treasure, so with this research we really wanted to look into what people believed their earliest memories were. It was certainly amusing to see that a ‘trip to the dentist’ was the most common memory, particularly given that many felt they remembered the event through ‘fear’; but it just goes to show how powerful an effect emotions can have when it comes to holding on to memories.”

She continued:

“We certainly encourage people to keep their memories alive through photographs, as they are a great way to keep fond reminders around the house. However, when it comes to a trip to the dentist, I’m not sure how many people would have taken a snap!”

: http://www.MyMemory.com