A quarter of middle Britains children forced to share a bedroom

According to the latest figures from the property website FindaProperty.com   24%, or almost a quarter, of children living in the UK have to share a bedroom. This rises to 35% for those who live in London, and for younger families reaches 38%. The findings also reveal that 29% of parents feel that their home is too small to accommodate the size of the family living in it, rising to 40% for the families where the parents are aged 18-34.

These figures have been released by FindaProperty.com to coincide with the launch of their latest TV advertisements. The first ad features a dad to be rapping to highlight the problem regarding household overcrowding that expectant parents face. To watch the first 2 ads, and to find out more about the survey log on to  http://rap.findaproperty.com

The study also suggests that just under a million people in the UK are expecting to become a parent within the next few months, and roughly 14% of these are still living in homes that are too small to accommodate their new arrival.

Samantha Baden, property analyst at FindaProperty.com commented: “With the average cost of a three bedroom home in the UK now in the region of £193,000, affordability remains a key issue for families. Very few families can afford to buy or rent a property that meets their exact size and location requirements, and as a result, they are often forced to compromise on one or the other.

“These findings reinforce the importance of investing quality time in the search for a home that meets the needs of the family both now and in the future.”