A playhouse is great for a child to release their energy

A child full of pent up energy is not great, and having somewhere for them to release it is vital, as any parent will tell you. This is hard to do during the winter but the saving grace is that they have their new Christmas toys to play with, but come spring its a whole different ball game. Having a good selection of toys outside to play with is the best way of getting them out in the fresh air after being cooped up through the winter.

A playhouse allows a child to actively use their imagination as they create their own scenarios, and these sturdy houses come in a range of materials including wood and plastic. The houses can even be decorated inside to the children have their own miniature homes. You can even put items inside such as play kitchens, which take up a lot of room in the family home, and both sexes can have a lot of fun in a playhouse.

Trampolines for outside are also great for kids to expend energy and they are in a number of different sizes and made for kids of different ages. There are a few safety issues to be careful of with trampolines therefore it must be a house rule that only one plays on the trampoline at a time. There are surrounds available to put around the trampoline to make it even safer.

You may want to just get an inflatable castle. The bouncy castle is real popular with children and gives them a protected area inside the castle to do all their jumping and hollering. It is easily to put up and just as quick and easy to take down.

Pools are not only enjoyed by the youngsters but by the parents as well. A pool in the backyard is a great way to enjoy lots and lots of outdoor time with a diving board and water toys to play with.

There are wooden climbing frames that are a great way from kids of all ages to exercise climbing up and down. Swings are a great thing for the children to use in the back yard as well. A wooden climbing frame is great and one advantage is it can be built to the specs you need it. It is not just one size fits all. That way it will not suffocate the back garden area by being to big for the area.

Riding toys are loads of fun for the younger kids. There are lots of different styles and sizes for most ages. If the youngest cannot quite reach the pedals then you can push them around and once old enough they can then ride on their own.